Green Living in Magnolia with The Market at 1488

Green Living in Magnolia with The Market at 1488

Celebrating green living in Magnolia is as easy as making a few small changes to your daily routine. No one is asking you to go out of your way and become an environmental activist to make a difference. The Market At 1488 cares about the Earth and is helping support Earth Day in Magnolia with a list of ways to show our planet some appreciation.

Buy Organic Vegetables from Kroger

Buying organic vegetables will help lower the number of chemicals in our air supply. The process of non-organic farming generally uses toxic substances that keep the bugs at away from the plants. Shop at Kroger to practice green living in Magnolia and support organic vegetables that will help keep the Earth clean for years to come.

Skip the Meat at Lonestar Taco

Vegetarianism has risen in the U.S. by 700%, more than double what it was ten years ago. People who don’t eat meat, they are actually helping lower carbon emissions on Earth. A large number of animals being used for meat consumption produce a massive amount of C02 that is poisonous for humans. Choosing a delicious meal at Lonestar Taco in The Market at 1488 that doesn’t include meat can help support Earth Day in Magnolia.

Invest in Reusable Shopping Bags

Next time you are shopping at any of the stores in The Market at 1488, practice this crucial tip for celebrating green living in Magnolia. Bring your own reusable shopping bag wasteful shopping bags from polluting the Earth.

Don’t Recycle Your Receipt

Trying to recycle receipts can actually harm the environment. On the shopping receipt, there is a toxic chemical called BPA that is also commonly, found in water bottles. So, when you are shopping at MVP Liquor in The Market at 1488, tell your cashier to throw your receipt away. Putting it into the recycling can cause the toxin to leak into other recycled material.

Practicing these tips for green living in Magnolia can help the environment for years to come. We can all help keep Magnolia beautiful with a little bit of effort. Check out our blog for other ways to shop at The Market at 1488!

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